Home Decorating Trends - Art Prints and More Ideas For Beautifying Walls

Thinking of ways to beautify your walls without the same old wall treatments like painting them and stuck for ideas? Then, why not stick around and read this article through? All you’ll get are the best ways to use little-used art prints and other interior design elements most people wouldn’t have thought of placing on their walls – for perhaps, well simply lack thought.


Great! Read on to discover how and which types of art prints besides other ideas of essential home decor accents you can effectively use to enhance the beauty of your home in a timeless way that reflects your personal sense of style and also appeals to your everyone you open your home too.

One of the best ways to go with current home decorating trends is to buy reproductions by famous artists (these don’t cost much, especially if you pick up poster art in regular sizes on standard art paper instead of canvas or silkscreen, which may be a tad higher but even then, not as expensive as the originals). Next, you can invest in some quality art frames made of fancy or unique materials, such as bamboo, seashells, stained glass, faux wood finish, even marbled borders if not papier-mache etc. for a distinctive look to the artwork contained within.

Alternately, you can opt for background mounting paper for the reproductive masterpiece; say a portrait sketch or famous still life in a printed format or even a fabric piece for a truly innovative setting that highlights the nature of your painting to a more visually appealing one. Professional interior designers also recommend the use of old hand-crafted lace, ribbons, self-edged borders like scalloped ones for neatly mitering all the sides of the chosen art prints before mounting and framing these in simple, sleek and slender frames for a classic look blended with vintage style inside.

If you choose to frame landscape art, there are a number of art prints you can use for presenting on the walls in a variety of styles, ranging from a series by a popular artist but going for an ascending order of sizes when placing these on the wall; or, you can choose simply to go monotone with black-white landscape sketches of different parts of a rural town for a minimalist wall art effect. You can also go for sepia-toned landscape images that tell a story through the poster art prints you choose like a set of 4-8 same sized wall art placed to look like a certain shape e.g. square, rectangle or even a zigzag pattern.

However it is important you keep your furniture in mind when choosing to beautify walls using art prints as tall or heavy furniture, like period pieces or armoires can take away the vibrancy created by essentially decorative poster art placed on the walls.

Also, try to pick art for the walls that are in keeping with the rest of the decor theme for the room. For example for a French country themed room with light floral, lace edged or natural fiber fabrics and light-weight furniture, go with a peaceful country landscape design that will help tie in all the room decor elements with its innate simplicity reflected in the artwork.

For the living, dining and bedroom walls, you can choose from wildlife to floral art, besides seasonal, garden or poster art by the masters – Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt or Picasso as poster arts by these greats is affordable, fashionable and great conversation starters anywhere they are placed.

Fran is an expert contributing author on home decorating. Once you complete your walls she suggests you look to your floors and check out this unique floral rug and shaped area rugs.


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