Wall Art and Decor

Wall Art and Decor

Wall art and decor is important in your house because art helps set the general mood of its surroundings. Art decor also shows your style and allows you to make your house a home, customizing each room with a painting or picture. Adding style color and pizzazz to each wall will give your home character. Before you hang those paintings and pictures make sure to choose the mood setting that you want for your house, keeping style and color in mind. Each room should be done differently to show what the room is used for. Whether it be the dining room or the kid’s playroom, it’s easy setting the mood.

There are many different moods that your house can feel like, due to wall art and decor. When choosing a mood think of picture placement, and the color scheme you want to use. Different colors can make the room say let’s rock or time to relax. If you want the living room to feel warm and inviting, you should have an earth-toned colored wall, with pictures hung above the couch, that are bright and colorful. If you want to make the kids room seem Fun and happy have a bright colored wall with pictures of cartoons hung everywhere.

The style of the room is also important when making the decision of what kind of art decor you should place in the room and where you should place it. If you have modern style furniture, in a dark color you should hang modern neutral paintings and black and white portraits, wall art and decor is used to tie a room together and show class and sophistication in this style of a room. Style of furniture and the placement of furniture is a big part of making the decision of what kind of art to have.

When hanging, or painting pictures in a room, placement is the last decision yet the simplest to make. Placing pictures on a bare wall or even over a couch will catch the eye and start a conversation when you have company. When painting a picture onto a wall it is always good to first draw the picture out with a pencil first, this way if you change your mind it won’t mean a repaint of the walls. With a picture or piece of artwork above furniture or on a blank wall, either hammering a nail into the wall or using thumbtacks is the easiest and most common way.

When decorating a house wall art and decor is the best way to spice things up or cool things off. With a little style and color coordination, you will make your home feel the way you choose. Bringing conversation and excitement artwork not only expresses the type of person your art but also shows your kind of style. Art work is the simplest way to change an entire room, by placing a picture on a bare wall you have added something new for the eye to catch.

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